Tara Murtha

Tara Murtha is a writer and also serves as associate director of strategic communications at the Women’s Law Project, Pennsylvania’s only public-interest law center devoted to the rights of women and girls.

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Square Off Over Abortion Law, New Bill

Anti-choice legislators in Pennsylvania recently pulled out all the stops when debating a bill that would be one of the nation's harshest abortion laws if passed. But in the wake of a recent Supreme Court ruling, other state lawmakers are trying to stop that bill and change existing policy.

Fate of Pennsylvania Buffer Zones Unclear

Currently, Pennsylvania has two enacted buffer zones, in Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, and a proposed bill to establish buffer zones across the state. But like the legal fate of buffer zones in the country following the McCullen decision, the bill remains "in limbo."

What Is Going on With Admitting Privileges Legislation in Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Department of Health recently asked Planned Parenthood facilities in the state to submit transfer agreement and admitting privileges information, even though the state currently does not require clinics to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. A spokesperson said a department employee was acting on his or her own.