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Andrea Grimes

Andrea Grimes is a feminist journalist, editor, and podcaster living in Austin, Texas. Her commentaries, investigations, and analyses have appeared in the New York Times, the Texas Observer, Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone, Bitch, Ms. Magazine and Jezebel, among many other publications. You can find her cussing on Twitter as @AndreaGrimes, or drinking a Bloody Mary on a sunny patio, or sometimes both.

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Andrea Grimes
Andrea Grimes

Commentary Politics

Losing My Lege: So Long, Farewell (We Hope)

Sine die—the official end of the regular legislative session—here in Texas is set for Monday, and if the fates are willing, we won't be facing a special legislative session. That would mean another cruel start to the summer for Texans who believe in freedom and progress and justice

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