Anti-Abortion Laws: Big Brother’s Invasion of Women’s Rights

In the days leading to the November mid-term elections, the highly charged issues were government intervention in health care (ObamaCare), the soaring fiscal debt and the lack of jobs. Republicans promised that their  first priorities were jobs, jobs and jobs. Next they would tackle health care by introducing a better plan for Americans.  In the time that they have been in office, the only decisive action is ---- against women.

Virulent New Wave of Anti-Women, Anti-Abortion Attacks

From the “guerrilla activists” trying to take down Planned Parenthood to the state and federal legislators (from both parties) further restricting women’s access to abortion, 2011 has seen more assaults on women’s most fundamental rights yet – even more even under the Bush years. There are 3 anti-abortion federal bills and more than 200 state level bills restricting access to abortion (and cutting funds for birth control, cancer screenings and other basic care for women into the attacks for good measure). Many of the state-level bills pose fundamental challenges to Roe v. Wade, paving the way for Supreme Court challenges down the line.  What we need is an outpouring of resistance to this assault on the humanity of women!