Lindsay E. Beyerstein

In These Times

Lindsay Beyerstein is an investigative journalist, filmmaker, and broadcaster in Brooklyn, New York. She she is the lead writer at the Sidney Hillman Foundation. Her reporting has appeared in the New Republic, the Columbia Journalism Review, Newsweek, Slate, and other publications. She is the director of the award-winning documentary “Care in Chaos,” produced by Rewire News Group.

Coming 9/25: A Nine-Month Investigation Leads to a Story You Have to Hear

It's taken nine months, but The Breach is back with an entirely new format. We found one story that was so compelling that we knew we had to follow it wherever it led. This story is about pregnancy and drug use. It's about Native people and tribal sovereignty. It's about the search for justice. Listen to the trailer now, and subscribe to automatically download the three-episode miniseries when it releases on September 25.