Shain M. Neumeier

Shain M. Neumeier is an autistic activist for disability, youth and queer justice and liberation.  They are a solo attorney in Western Massachusetts whose practice focuses on disability and transgender law, including defense against civil commitment and obtaining court-ordered name changes. Shain has written articles and spoken at numerous conferences and colleges about issues of bodily autonomy and freedom from coercive medical treatment for the past nine years.  They have received awards from the national Association of University Centers on Disabilities and the Self Advocacy Association of New York State for their advocacy.


‘To Siri With Love’ and the Problem With Neurodiversity Lite

The word "neurodiversity" and the idea it represents—that autistic people and other people whose minds function in atypical ways are equal, not less—has gained a tenuous foothold in the public consciousness. Still, many members of the autistic advocacy community remain skeptical and wary, suspecting that the changes are superficial.