Natasha Chart

Natasha has years of experience in online politics across the progressive blogosphere, including as a writer at sites like,, and, and as a campaign strategist with the Service Employees International Union and Progressive Congress. A former web content and user interface designer with proud blue collar roots, Natasha works to make politics user-friendly, responsive, and accessible to people who don’t have time to read another manual.

It’s Not Black People Who Need to Change

White women have sat for too long as passive spectators to brutality and genocide committed by our own families, in our names, because we have been full of false convictions. Even if we did not start them, we can decide now to end them.

Michelle Obama’s Garden Is Political

People who think food is apolitical don't know much about food, just like people who think taking care of kids isn't important don't know much about kids. Devaluing either isn't just ignorant, it's dismissive of the women who take on these essential roles to life and society.

Did You Just Call Me a Nazi?

Anti-choicers like the Duggars and Jill Stanek appear to think women of the United States are mass murderers. Either that, or they are abusing the Holocaust for political points. They need to stop.