Emma Akpan

Emma is a member of Echoing Ida, a project of Forward Together. Last year, Emma participated in the Moral Monday protests at the state capitol, offering a closing prayer on Reproductive Rights Advocacy Day. Emma has a master’s degree in divinity from Duke University. She serves on the board of NC Women United as well as the Resource Center for Women in Ministry in the South. In her free time, Emma likes running and starting book clubs. She doesn’t believe a nice day should be wasted inside, and time shouldn’t be wasted eating bad food.

Why I Protested at Trump’s Rally in Raleigh

When I hear Republicans’ anti-immigration and anti-Muslim proposals, I hear, “don’t let the brown people near us.” And when I see supporters of conservative presidential hopefuls violently assault or threaten Black Lives Matter activists and others, like they did on Monday night at a Trump rally in Las Vegas, my determination to fight back against such rhetoric becomes stronger.