Ed Simon

Ed Simon is an editor for Berfrois and a staff writer for The Millions. His collection America and Other Fictions: On Radical Faith and Post-Religion is available from Zero Books.

Toni Morrison, Prophet of America’s Demons (1931-2019)

Morrison’s witness to language’s power to both destroy and create has been on ample display in our current season of American blood-letting. In 1993 Morrison warned of “Tongue-suicide,” which is “common among the infantile heads of state and power merchants whose evacuated language leaves them with no access to what is … human.”

God Need Not Be Real, But the Black Hole Photo Is

There are certain theological implications to the black hole. Not that it confirms any literal or conventional belief in a deity. God need not be real for divinity to be an applicable concept, for it’s good enough that the black hole is real.

What We Saw in the Eyes of Koko the Talking Gorilla (1971-2018)

Inherit the Wind's creationist protesters may have held signs reading “I’m not descended from a monkey,” but the reality is that apes permeate our myths, religion, and literature precisely because it's so obvious we’re related. Darwin may have provided the mechanism, but our own eyes tell us that there's something eerily human in the eyes of our closest simian ancestors.