An Early Grave For Child Brides

Acts of self-immolation have been used as a tool for political protests around the world. In Saigon, a Buddhist monk set himself on fire to protest his government’s intolerance of Buddhism.  In Tunisia, a young man also used self-immolation in protest which jump started the 2010-2011 revolution in this region. What would drive a 10 year old girl to set herself on fire in Afghanistan?

Roundup: DC Mayor Arrested Protesting Budget Riders

DC mayor arrested protesting abortion rider; birth control also too controversial for Florida legislature; Pennsylvania moves towards TRAP laws in response to Gosnell; UK gay men can donate blood but only if they're celibate; and how forced pregnancy solves our budget woes.

Is California Next?

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Or at least that’s what Georgia legislators are using to defend their decision to completely eliminate state funding to battered women shelters. While that may sound extreme, I wouldn’t be surprised if other states soon started to follow suit.