Charlotte Taft

Abortion Care Network

Charlotte Taft has had a long and varied history in reproductive health care and politics. She is a consultant and counselor with Imagine! with her partner Shelley Oram. She is the former director of the Abortion Care Network, an organization for independent providers and abortion care allies.

Response to Time: What Choice? *Our* Choice

Like so much journalism, the Time magazine article seemed determined to focus on conflict and failure, rather than on the extraordinary energy and transformative gifts of the movement for women’s reproductive choice have yielded over these past 40 years.

The Face of Evil

I rarely use the word evil. But when I read that the Taliban had gunned down 14 year old Malala Yousafzai, and two other girls in Karachi, Pakistan I could not find another word. 

Fighting for Women: Become a Super-Shero

The War On Women is a conflict over the very question of the value of women as full human beings with rights to freedom and self-determination and respect. In times like these we need to find our inner Shero. You can be one of them.

Todd Akin: Remove His Mask and You’ll Find Mitt Romney

Let's be very clear that the Republican Party Platform endorses no abortion for any woman for any reason. And that this was not just the ignorant opinion of an isolated individual. This is part of the campaign of misinformation that the far Right Wing has been waging since at least the time of Reagan. 

When Bishops Become Bullies

The arrogance of the 350 Bishops of the US Catholic Church is mind-boggling. Though they are facing bankruptcy in many states because of the shameful tradition of priests molesting children, they still have the nerve to claim a right to make moral decisions for women. It is time for the women of America to say no to the bullying of a tiny group of men who will never know what it means to make tough choices about pregnancy; or have a baby; or raise a child; or scramble to care for a family.