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CHOICE/LESS — Dr. Nicola Moore: If Not Me, Who?

Jenn Stanley

The current Republican-controlled federal government has already made it clear that attacking reproductive rights features prominently on their agenda. But there’s a less-discussed threat to reproductive health care in the United States: a lack of trained abortion providers.

Many states are so hostile to abortion that clinics can’t find doctors willing to live and work in the area, so those clinics are forced to hire physicians who will travel regularly from other states to perform abortions. Dr. Nicola Moore is one of those doctors.

She says abortion is straightforward. It’s not the most interesting or challenging aspect of medicine, but “it’s an essential service that women ask for and that they need,” says Dr. Moore.

Dr. Moore has faced harassment and intimidation from one of the country’s most radical anti-choice groups, and the story she tells about it is harrowing. But anti-choice threats haven’t stopped her from helping to make abortion accessible to all who need it.

Listen to her story on this episode of CHOICE/LESS.

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