Jenn Stanley

CHOICE/LESS 404: Sally vs. Sex Education

Season 4 of CHOICE/LESS is all about teens, sex, abortion, and the law. So far this series has posed the question, if adults and children have a hard time talking about even the most basic sex stuff, then why do 38 states force minors to tell their parents if their seeking an abortion? This episode explores what role schools should play in educating young people about sex.

Teens, Sex, and the Law: CHOICE/LESS Season Four Arrives Later This Year

It's no secret that parents and kids struggle to have honest conversations around sex and intimacy. At the same time, sex ed continues to disappear from our schools, and 38 states require teens to include their parents in their abortion decisions. This summer, host Jenn Stanley will help teens, parents, lawmakers, activists, and anyone who cares about young people find some answers to a simple question awash in complexity: If adults can't or won't talk to young people about sex, how can the law mandate that teens involve parents in their abortion decision?