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CHOICE/LESS 403: The Talk

Jenn Stanley

Season 4 of CHOICE/LESS is all about teens, sex, abortion, and the law.

Roni Washington and her 19-year-old daughter Niky both describe Roni as a “cool mom” who encourages her children to communicate openly about everything, including sex. Sometimes those conversations go better than others. 

In this episode, host Jenn Stanley asks what it takes to have open and healthy family communication, especially around polarizing topics like abortion.

Roni: There has been an incident where she has done something that I did not totally agree with. I cried and I stepped away for two weeks, and I kind of hung up on hernot kind of, I did hang up on her. And I had to really re-evaluate myself again, going back to what I taught my daughter about being open, about being a critical thinker. Ummm … I’m not going to bring it up but …

Niky: Mom, you can say it.

Transcript (PDF)