Boom! Lawyered

Boom! Lawyered: The Department of Justice Is Bullying ACLU Attorneys and It’s a Big Deal

Imani and Jess confront an extraordinary overreach by the Department of Justice. After failing to prevent immigrant minor Jane Doe from obtaining an abortion to which she's legally entitled, the Department is now asking the Supreme Court to punish the ACLU attorneys who represent her. Why? Because they dared to do their job. Listen to learn what this might mean for those attorneys – and for all of us.

Boom! Lawyered Bonus Episode: Today’s SCOTUS Arguments in ‘NIFLA v. Becerra’

Jessica Mason Pieklo was inside the courtroom as the Supreme Court heard arguments in NIFLA v. Becerra, which will decide whether a clinic can be required to reveal whether they are a licensed reproductive health-care provider or an unlicensed fake clinic. Here, she talks with Imani Gandy about the key arguments, memorable moments, and potential outcomes from the morning's events. 

Boom! Lawyered: ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Is Coming to Life

Jess and Imani talk with Rewire's Jenn Stanley and Sofia Resnick about a new audio documentary that dives deep on Operation Save America, an organization committed to a theocratic vision of America, and the alarming ways their ideology has wormed its a way into state and federal government. Jess and Imani also unpack the key laws involved, including the FACE Act and the concept of "justifiable homicide."