Unitarian Universalist Church and CA Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

Darcy Baxter, : I’m a Unitarian Universalist Minister and part of the Center for American Progress’ Faith and Reproductive Justice Leadership Institute. I serve a church in Hayward, CA as their Director of Family Ministry and as the SF Bay Area Regional Organizer for the California Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

Dr. Tiller’s Crucifixion and Resurrection

I recently had the honor of addressing a group of abortion providers on "Resurrecting Our Moral Center." I do not think it was coincidental that less than a year after Tiller's murder, we were talking about resurrection. God, how much we miss him.

What Do We Do With the Fear of Disenfranchisement?

How should the reproductive justice community address the fear of disenfranchisement, this fear that has fueled a very successful anti-abortion movement that continues to effectively limit and prevent access to abortion and other reproductive health services?

Our Movement’s Mitzrayim

Access to legal abortion promises a state-of-existence never before experienced, where women are fully empowered to steward the procreative power of the species.