Sunsara Taylor

Sunsara Taylor is a writer for Revolution Newspaper (, a host on WBAI’s Equal Time for Freethought, and sits on the Advisory Board of World Can’t Wait. She has written on the rise of theocracy, wars and repression in the U.S., led in building resistance to these crimes, and contributed to the movement for revolution to put an end to all this. She takes as her foundation the new synthesis on revolution and communism developed by Bob Avakian. You can find her impressive verbal battles with Bill O’Reilly and various political commentary on things from abortion to religion to cultural relativism by searching “Sunsara Taylor” on youtube. Follow her on twitter @sunsarataylor, friend her on facebook, and add to your blogroll.

Thoughts Upon Release From Jail After Sunday’s Abortion Rights Protest Inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Its been just a few hours since I was released from jail in New York City. I was arrested yesterday and charged with “criminal trespass” and another lesser trespass charge as I was leaving St. Patrick's Cathedral after a group of women and men shouted "Abortion On Demand & Without Apology" and "Stop the War On Women" during a break in the service. Why this was worth it and what is next...

If They Called It the “March for Forced Motherhood and Female Enslavement,” Then Would You Protest?

Without a doubt, those marching against women's rights this year will be as giddy with success as they are fanatical about their agenda. If they owned up to the program they are really pushing, that they are marching for “Forced Motherhood and Female Enslavement,” would that be enough to drive you out in the streets to protest? Stand up  for access to abortion and birth control at the Supreme Court in Washington, DC this Monday!

Abortion, Let’s NOT Leave Religion Out of It!

Over and over and over again people tell me to leave religion out of the debate over abortion. "Many Christians believe in the right to abortion, at least in cases of rape or incest," I am often told, "So, why alienate them by bringing up religion?"