Rupert Walder

RH Reality Check, Europe

Rupert Walder writes from the United Kingdom. He has experience with reproductive health, women’s rights and HIV/AIDS prevention and will be covering these issues throughout Europe.

Is Europe Pro-Choice Now?

While the Council of Europe's recent vote on abortion is not legally binding, it represents the first pan-European call on European countries to decriminalize abortion where it remains illegal and to ensure that women and men have access to contraception.

Beyond the Millenium Development Goals

Reproductive health is not a strong enough theme in any of the millenium development goals. And as the MDGs remain a primary international development agenda at least until 2015, that means a continuing compromise for reproductive health in international development.

PEPFAR: Beware of Americans Bearing Gifts

What do European AIDS advocates have to say about PEPFAR? "The ab-only earmarked funding in PEPFAR goes against modern principles of effective aid ... ab-only approaches have no effect in the developing world where a significant percentage of sexual initiation among young girls is coerced or forced."

It’s Not About You

Because they are not involved, because it is not about them, for many reasons, I am sure there are many men who do not know how they should feel about a partner's abortion. But that doesn't mean there is a post-abortion syndrome for men.

Activists By Chance

Two British musicians took a trip to Cape Verde on a whim, and ended up becoming HIV/AIDS activists. Watch the video they created with Cape Verdeans!

Business As Usual in Kenya?

The political crisis in Kenya is deeply affecting women -- the number of rape survivors seeking treatment has doubled in a Nairobi hospital -- but business as usual in Kenya before the crisis wasn't good for women, either.

Messages and Stories for 2008

As we wind down from World AIDS Day, and dust off our "if you get drunk at the office party don't forget to use a condom" messages for the festive season, I wonder what sexual and reproductive health advocates should be saying next year.

Only Words?

Women Deliver provided an important demand that we reach out to new audiences. Let's not do it with our old, complicated, language for reproductive and sexual health and rights.