Raven Brooks

Netroots Foundation/Netroots Nation

Raven Brooks (@ravenb / Facebook) is the executive director of Netroots Foundation and Netroots Nation. He’s led the growth of Netroots Nation from a volunteer run effort to the country’s premier progressive gathering, added an international component and expanded the programming to include infrastructure and capacity-building programs. Raven is a member of the San Francisco New Leaders Council advisory board and the Good 360 Digital Advisory Board. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and two cats and is an avid cyclist, hiker and outdoor enthusiast.

How Komen Flushed Their Brand in 24 Hours

I'd like to dissect how Komen for the Cure completely destroyed a brand 3 decades in the making and how they're now a different organization with a different future (if they even have one), whether they like it or not. My goal here is to help people understand this so you don't make the same mistakes.