Rafael Shimunov

Rafael Shimunov an artist and activist in Queens, NYC who serves as a board member of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ). Prior to this, he was one of the many early leaders of IfNotNow and served as Creative Director for the National Working Families Party, which organized its 12 state organizations to primary corporate Democrats with progressive ones. Deeply involved in immigration justice, his live, personal narrative during the JFK Airport protests of the Muslim Ban reached over 16 million viewers. Most recently, Rafael has helped take nearly 30 years of JFREJ’s Jewish organizing into electoral power by co-founding The Jewish Vote, a sister org that endorses and campaigns for progressive candidates in New York by mobilizing Jewish voters. Prior to joining the fight, he cut his teeth at and helped to win awards for ad agencies for the very same Fortune 500 corporations he works to push back at today.