Peter Laarman

Peter Laarman is a United Church of Christ minister who served as senior minister of New York’s Judson Memorial Church and then as executive director of LA’s Progressive Christians Uniting before retiring in 2014. He remains deeply involved in national and regional social justice projects touching on race, class, and religion.

Pastor David Brooks, Your Sermons Are Growing Stale…

The 'trustees of the First Church of American Religion' express concern over the approach of Times columnist David Brooks: You place religious practice and affiliation in the category of palliative resources for those being crushed by the new ruthless economy, whereas the religion usually referred to as prophetic—a form of religion we still regard as indispensable—sees faith as much more than a kind of backstop for those who suffer. 

The Antichrist Trap: Trump Isn’t the Whole Story

Far too many of our self-anointed progressive saviors speak as though Trump’s overthrow will make everything good again. A bargain-priced plastic surgeon might want to convince us that removing a large carbuncle will render our face entirely beautiful, but can that kind of pitch really be trusted?