Peg Johnston

Peg Johnston chairs the Abortion Care Network and has been an abortion provider for 28 years. She has also chaired the Abortion Conversation Project where she initiated the “Healthy Coping After an Abortion” and “Mom, Dad, I’m Pregnant” campaigns. She is the creator of the Pregnancy Options Workbooks ( to help women consider all of their options and make good decisions. She recently published “A Guide to Emotional and Spiritual Resolution After an Abortion.”

Emptying the Threats

The kind of coordination that New York State has effected with law enforcement and abortion providers should be happening in every community and every state.

Pregnancy Needs No Qualifier

The adjectives we use to describe pregnancy, like unplanned, unwanted, or unintended, don’t help either side of this conflict understand the 3.4 million “unintended” pregnancies that happen each year or why half of end in abortion.

Listening to the Heart of a Woman

Listening to a woman talk about her decision makes the public abortion debate seem irrelevant. A discourse that embodied women's experiences would change the abortion debate and help women who are isolated in their decision-making.