Patrick Malone


Patrick Malone is the director of communications for the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS), where he is a member of the information department and leads the organization’s media outreach and development. Formerly, Patrick worked for the Reproductive Health Technologies Project (RHTP) as a programs and policy associate, focusing on bringing emergency contraception (EC) over the counter and examining the safety of medical abortions. His training experience includes leading groups and workshops on developing reproductive health messages for men, framing sexual education in the context of American rights and values, and youth leadership trainings. He has also drafted numerous speeches and prepared Congressional testimony on a variety of issues. Patrick holds an A.B. in History from Princeton University, and received his J.D. from The George Washington University School of Law.

What GOP Budget Cuts Mean for Kelly

I want to focus on one hypothetical woman, let’s call her Kelly, and look at how some of the proposed cuts will affect her if enacted, and, I promise, no more discussion of money for the rest of this piece.