Nynia Chance

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Nynia Chance is the author of When Atlas Shirked, the narrative of an alternate America illustrating the moral and existential crises facing their world, as well as one Christian woman’s community-driven solutions to win Liberty and Justice for All.

Biblical Abortion: A Christian’s View

It's commonly claimed that it's a Christian duty to abolish abortion, in accordance with a Biblical teaching that abortion is a sin. However, one Christian's reading of the Bible poses challenges to that assumption, instead turning up some eye-opening Biblical views on terminating a pregnancy.

What a Different Reading of Mary Magdalene Can Tell Us About the Christian Value of a Woman’s Voice

The War on Women fights to take away a women's rights to make decisions for their own lives, instead granting male leaders the sole authority to dictate their allowable actions.  This injustice is furthered by a common Fundamentalist Christian idea that a woman can't be entrusted with authority even over themselves. If we take another look at the Bible, however, we'll have to confront this idea with the example of a woman whom Christ himself had entrusted with the authority to bear his message: Mary Magdalene

Fighting Fire with Water: The Christian Role in the War on Women

To keep the #WaronWomen going, warmongers depend on convincing congregations of American Christians that the Bible commands them to seize control of a woman's right to her own life. If we are to fight back effectively, we must have the patience and strength to forge personal connections, showing them that there is another, Christian way.