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Nisa Dang

Nisa Ihsan Dang (they/she) is a writer, political strategist, and digital organizer. Originally from South Sacramento, Nisa cut their teeth in organizing while completing their undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley where they earned a bachelor degree in political science. Since then, Nisa has researched and organized across a wide portfolio of issues, ranging from voting rights to racial and climate justice to workers’ rights and labor.

Nisa’s experiences with surveillance and the police state have shaped their ​world view immensely. Their essays on immigration, war, and mental health have been published in ZORA Magazine, and they are currently working on providing programming that makes political education and engagement more accessible to millenials.​​ Nisa is excited to share their perspectives on disability and reproductive healthcare with the readers of Rewire News Group. You can follow them on Twitter @nisaidang or Instagram @nisaihsandang.