Murali Balaji

Murali Balaji, Ph.D. is the founder and principal of Maruthi Education, a diversity and inclusion consulting firm that focuses on cultural competency. He previously served as director of education for the Hindu American Foundation. A Fulbright Specialist and former journalist, he has taught at Temple University, Penn State University, and Lincoln University, where he served as Chair of the Department of Mass Communications. Balaji is the author of several books, including The Professor and the Pupil: The Politics and Friendship of WEB Du Bois and Paul Robeson (2007), the editor of Thinking Dead: What the Zombie Apocalypse Means (2013), and the co-editor of the seminal anthologies Desi Rap (2008) and Global Masculinities and Manhood (2011).

The Suburban Shift Putting Republicans in Peril

A growing number of Hindu, Sikh, and Muslim voters represent areas that once boasted white, Christian, college-educated voters. It’s easy to see how an administration that's doubled down on xenophobia has imperiled Republicans’ outreach efforts.