Melissa White

Lucky Bloke

Melissa White is the CEO of Lucky Bloke, a company with social missions: raising global awareness about condom quality and proper fit, and improving access to superior condoms and lubes from around the world. Melissa knows that understanding pleasure is key to consistent condom use, and therefore every day at Lucky Bloke is spent correcting the pervasive myths that condoms are one-size-fits-all. Through Lucky Bloke, Melissa offers personalized, non-patronizing safer sex education by guiding customers to find the correct condom fit and style. She also launched, the Global Lube Review, and most recently

Cigarettes Cause Cancer; Condoms Don’t

A new petition calls on the FDA to “Get Carcinogens Out of Condoms.” But there is no scientific evidence linking condoms to cancer—and to claim otherwise has the potential to unravel decades of committed work focused on saving lives through encouraging condom use and education.