Mary Krane Derr

Mary Krane Derr is co-editor (with Linda Naranjo-Huebl and Rachel MacNair) of the anthology ProLife Feminism Yesterday and Today (2nd expanded edition, 2005); editor, Nonviolent Choice Directory (; and advisory board member, Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum (  She has blogged at Rewire under her nickname Marysia.

Shared Dreams

As a regular columnist for On Common Ground, I'm glad and grateful for the opportunity to foster reciprocal understanding and cooperative dialogue. But have we?

Randall Terry: Faux-Life Leader

If he truly merited the term “pro-lifer,” Randall Terry would condemn violence against abortion providers as an act of immense disrespect for life and pledge to take action against it. While disagreeing with pro-choicers, he would refuse to demonize them. 

How to Stop the Abortion War Killings

Pro-lifers and pro-choicers in the U.S. are bickering over whose side has the most martyrs and whose has the most blood on its hands. Yet, there are ways both sides can respond together to help stop the abortion war killings.

Pro-Life, Pro-Contraception & Pro-Tim Ryan

As a longtime pro contraception prolifer, I cannot stay quiet about Rep. Tim Ryan's expulsion as a Democrats for Life of America advisory board member. This brouhaha shows up some rather severe but instructive barriers to common ground.