Lynda Waddington

New Journalist Fellow

Lynda Waddington is a New Journalist Fellow with the Center for Independent Media. She and her husband live in eastern Iowa with their three children, two cats and dog. She worked for a decade as a print journalist before beginning her own communications consulting business. When writing annual reports and building web sites failed to placate the printer's ink still pumping through her veins, she and two friends launched Essential Estrogen, a blog that focuses on women in politics with a special emphasis on Iowa women. As a New Journalist Fellow, Lynda is a regular contributor to Iowa Independent.

Harkin: Stupak Amendment A Slippery Slope

Stupak-Pitts is a slippery slope: For example, every health insurance company in America could now lose some of its tax benefits. And you could just say that anybody that got a federal loan for housing could not get an abortion.