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Summer of Trust – Summer Celebration of Choice

Momentum is building for a beautiful gathering of abortion rights supporters in Germantown, MD (near Washington, DC) July 31-August 7!

Watch and spread this video of Dr. LeRoy Carhart calling on supporters to come out for a Summer Celebration of Choice: We are all especially excited about the Kick-Off Walk, and encourage all activists to join. The walk is also a fundraiser to support the Abortion Access Fund, which enables women who often travel very long distances to obtain crucially needed and lifesaving abortions.

Thank You Abortion Providers!

Your work is revolutionary and empowering. Your goals are simple: value women, trust women, listen to women. By providing the compassionate and skilled abortion care that women and their families need, you save women’s lives. You are heroes. Thank you for all that you do. Hearing that every day would still never be enough. On March 10, know that you all play a critical role in our movement’s struggle to fight stigma, judgment and prejudice.

Thank you!!

Virulent New Wave of Anti-Women, Anti-Abortion Attacks

From the “guerrilla activists” trying to take down Planned Parenthood to the state and federal legislators (from both parties) further restricting women’s access to abortion, 2011 has seen more assaults on women’s most fundamental rights yet – even more even under the Bush years. There are 3 anti-abortion federal bills and more than 200 state level bills restricting access to abortion (and cutting funds for birth control, cancer screenings and other basic care for women into the attacks for good measure). Many of the state-level bills pose fundamental challenges to Roe v. Wade, paving the way for Supreme Court challenges down the line.  What we need is an outpouring of resistance to this assault on the humanity of women!

Stand Up for Women’s Right to Abortion Jan. 22-23

Dr. LeRoy Carhart, long-time colleague and friend of Dr. George Tiller (assassinated by an anti-abortion activist in May 2008) has remained undeterred in his life’s mission to provide women with safe, caring abortion services when they need them. YOU are needed in Germantown, MD and the DC area this coming weekend to stand up for Dr. Carhart and women’s right to abortion and reproductive control.

The Assassination of Dr. Tiller

The day after he was shot in both arms by an anti-abortion activist in 1993, Dr. George Tiller went back to work and announced, "Women need abortions and I'm going to do them." This remarkably brave man had already endured years of harassment and threats: his clinic suffered $100,000 worth of damage after being bombed, weeks of blockades by glassy-eyed anti-abortion fanatics... he and his staff were stalked by these so-called "activists" who followed him home, yelled at him and everyone attending his church, and flyered his neighbors with "Wanted" posters. His staff, women like Drs. Susan Robinson and Shelly Sella, his office administrator and nurse, were similarly targeted with these posters: which often featured their photos, home addresses and other personal information.

Watch: Abortion, Morality, and the Liberation of Women!

Abortion, Morality and the Liberation of Women is also available on DVD, specially designed for use in classrooms and by school groups. Order a copy (or several) online today! If you are a student, professor or teacher, you may be eligible for a free copy. Let us know you are interested!

Contact us about the possibility of bringing this sort of presentation to your classroom in person. World Can’t Wait can provide speakers with scientific and moral clarity on the topic of women’s right to abortion, answering the hard questions, and motivating students to stand up at this crucial moment for women’s rights. Read a report from a Cleveland high school and another report from a university in North Carolina.

Obama to Women: I am not your friend

On Thursday, the news broke that the Obama administration included a ban on abortion coverage that basically meets the notorious Stupak restrictions that had been the focus of attention months ago within the health care reform debates. This means that the compromise that was satisfactory enough to the anti-abortion Democrats months ago to push through the "reform" has been surpassed with this measure; leaving many pro-choice activists asking "why did he do that? he didn't have to!"

Stand up to the Antis in Charlotte and Albuquerque

Starting Saturday July 17, Operation Save America (creators of the "INTOLERANT" t-shirt) a rabidly fundamentalist sect of anti-abortion fanatics, is calling on anti-abortion forces to "storm the gates of hell" in Charlotte, NC. Operation Save America has a long and vicious history of opposing women's right to choose, fighting against gay rights, and spreading vicious anti-Muslim hatred. They must be opposed.

Operation “Save America” Threatens Clinic in North Carolina

On July 17, a rabidly fundamentalist sect of anti-abortion fanatics called “Operation Save America” is calling on anti-abortion forces to “storm the gates of hell” at a women’s health clinic in Charlotte, NC. Operation Save America has a long and vicious history of opposing women’s right to choose, fighting against gay rights, and spreading vicious anti-Muslim hatred. They must be opposed.