Lauren Guy

Lauren is a board-certified lactation consultant, full-spectrum doula, and health educator. Her deep commitment to reproductive justice led her to become a birth doula, and in 2011 she was trained as an abortion doula by The Doula Project of NYC. She is a co-founder of 11th Principle: Consent!, a group that educates on and advocates for consent culture at burns, cons, and similar events.

Why Birthing Rights Matter To The Pro-Choice Movement

We in North Carolina are enduring yet another vicious attack on the rights of pregnant and childbearing individuals.  Women seeking home births may have the legal right to do so, but just like the women seeking abortion care, these laws do nothing to protect access.

Why I’ll Be In Raleigh August 10

Under the incantation "One Man, One Woman," the National Organization for Marriage exists to challenge not only LGBT rights, but the rights of all men, women, and everyone in between to choose their own way to express their commitments for one another and define our families on our own terms.

My Real Beef with CPCs

If there was a large network of organizations that sought to support women during unplanned pregnancies and offer unbiased, fact-based options information, I'd be all for it. Unfortunately, such organizations don't exist.

Stewart, Huckabee go head-to-head on abortion

Jon Stewart's interview with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee sought to create "common ground" on the abortion issue, but Stewart was not at all equipped with the tools to refute Huckabee's main talking points.