Elisabeth Garber-Paul

RH Reality Check

Elisabeth Garber-Paul is a recent graduate from The New School’s Eugene Lang College, where she was the Editor in Chief of the New School Free Press. She now interns at The Nation magazine in New York, and has been published in OMMA, Media, and The Nation.

Millennials and The Right To Choose

Since Bart Stupak tried to ban federal funding of abortion in a House bill earlier this month, there’s been an abundance of opining articles on the public perception of abortion. And according to two articles published recently, the real split isn’t between red states or blue states, but generational approaches to the issue of abortion.

New Study: “A Woman’s Nation Changes Everything”

A lot has changed since John F. Kennedy put Eleanor Roosevelt at the head of the very first Commission on the Status of Women. According to Anthropologist Margaret Mead, who co-edited the final report of that organization, "the climate of opinion is turning against the idea that homemaking is the only form of feminine achievement."

Abstinence Only: Back So Soon?

I thought we all decided that abstinence only education doesn’t work. And I don’t mean “we” as in the pro-choice reproductive rights community—I mean students, teachers, parents, school boards, and even the president. But I guess some members of congress didn’t get the memo.

The Evil Pill?

In a column on CSCNews.com yesterday, Judie Brown made the ridiculous statement that birth control is "a recreational drug with serious side effects." As if unprotected sex isn't?