Eesha Pandit

Eesha Pandit is a writer and activist who believes in social justice movements, the power of intersectionality, feminism, sisterhood and the power of art. Her writing can be found at The Crunk Feminist Collective, Feministing, The Nation, Salon, Rewire, Feministe and In These Times. She’s also a longtime human rights activist and most recently served as Executive Director of Men Stopping Violence. She’s also worked with Breakthrough, Raising Women’s Voices, the Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program, Carr Center for Human Rights at Harvard and Amnesty International Women’s Human Rights Program. She serves on the board of the National Network of Abortion Funds.

One Lesson From Texas: Legal Abortion Means Nothing Without Access

Wendy Davis and SB 5's opponents know: The legal right to an abortion means nothing to the person who can’t get to a clinic, the person who can’t speak the language spoken in a clinic, the person who doesn’t have enough money to pay for an abortion, and the person who doesn’t have the required documentation.

Raising Our Voices for the Health Care We Need

Post your own story here! As important for health care advocacy as policy analysis are the stories of real women and their families. Raising Women's Voices and Rewire offer you this space to tell us about your experiences of health care.

Stem-ing the Debate

With new techniques for controversy-free stem cells in reach, there are several critical issues to keep in mind as stem cell research becomes commonplace.

Polluted Pregnancy

Claim to care about "unborn" children, then actively promote the industries that pollute the environment with toxins that cause serious developmental diseases - it's textbook hypocrisy.