Charmaine Lang

Charmaine spends her time Chicago style steppin’ in Milwaukee, daydreaming about love, wellness and what it would be like to have an Ooloi in her life. When not doing that, she is figuring out her life as a creative writer, doctoral student, and the Project Director for the Reproductive Justice Collective, a project of Wisconsin Voices. She loves reading Afro-futuristic novels, traveling and eating hella yummy food. Her dissertation research examines the self-care and stress management techniques of Black women activists in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She believes that the voices of Black women are essential in pointing to new directions that will help facilitate a balance between activism and self-care. Her own stress management strategies have been tested and expanded as she navigates the conservatism of the academy as a queer Black woman, and the cold of the Midwest as a city of Angels native. She is proud to be a fellow of the Echoing Ida Program and the Ms. Foundation Public Voices Fellowship. Through these avenues, she hopes to explore the intersections of class, and wellness amongst Black women, and connecting it to the long tradition of Black women’s activism.