Bianca I. Laureano

Bianca I Laureano is a sexologist, consultant, educator, and activist. Her interests include representations of the sexuality of people of Color in media and popular culture, radical women of Color, and positive youth development. She is an adjunct instructor and a freelance writer. She hosts and her writings and reviews can be seen at her website

Are We Ready To Trust Black Men When They Speak?

New qualitative research study, You & Me, shares findings that Black men who have sex with men use condoms more often than was thought. Many are questioning if they are telilng the truth about their practices. What does this say about us as providers and educators?

An Open Letter to White People in the Sexuality/Sexology Field

A letter inspired by an encounter I recently had with a racially white person in the field who is planning a new project/program that does not include people of Color, with disabilities, who are youth or trans* identified. The letter is one filled with the same arguments I, and many other people of Color, have been making to racially white people in the field for years.