Amy Hagstrom Miller

Whole Woman's Health

Amy Hagstrom Miller has been working in abortion care since 1989 and is the president and CEO of Whole Woman’s Health and Whole Woman’s Health Alliance. Amy opened her first clinic in 2003 and runs fabulous, holistic abortion care facilities that change the world one woman at a time. Amy is a proud abortion care provider and frames her work as a career in the self-esteem boosting, identity examination, stigma eradication business. Whole Woman’s Health manages 8 locations in 5 states. 3 in Texas – Austin, Fort Worth, and McAllen, Texas 2 in Virginia — Charlottesville and Alexandria, Virginia, 1 in South Bend, Indiana, 1 in Baltimore, Maryland; and 1 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In her 31 years in the field, Amy has worked in numerous women’s health care facilities across the country and has also served as President of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers and of the Abortion Care Network. Amy’s passion is making fabulous abortion care a reality for every woman who needs it.