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Lynda Waddington

New Journalist Fellow

Lynda Waddington is a New Journalist Fellow with the Center for Independent Media. She and her husband live in eastern Iowa with their three children, two cats and dog. She worked for a decade as a print journalist before beginning her own communications consulting business. When writing annual reports and building web sites failed to placate the printer's ink still pumping through her veins, she and two friends launched Essential Estrogen, a blog that focuses on women in politics with a special emphasis on Iowa women. As a New Journalist Fellow, Lynda is a regular contributor to Iowa Independent.

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Harkin: Stupak Amendment A Slippery Slope

Lynda Waddington

Stupak-Pitts is a slippery slope: For example, every health insurance company in America could now lose some of its tax benefits. And you could just say that anybody that got a federal loan for housing could not get an abortion.

Postville Detainee: “Congressmen, Be Our Voice”

Lynda Waddington

Just over 40 women, originally detained in the unprecedented May 12 immigration raid on the town’s kosher meatpacking plant, were released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement back into the town on humanitarian grounds to either care for children or for medical conditions.

Iowa Law Won’t Protect Kids from Sex Offenders

Lynda Waddington

Was the opinion issued Friday by the Iowa Supreme Court an expansion or a clarification of the state's existing residency requirements for sex offenders? At the end of the day, according to some members of law enforcement, it doesn't matter one way or another.

Iowa Teens Make Case for Comprehensive Sex Ed

Lynda Waddington

It isn't unusual for Iowa high school students Stacey Hoch and Venessa McDole, both peer advisors, to speak with their classmates about sensitive subjects. Thursday morning, however, they took their advocacy one step further by speaking in front of policymakers to encourage them to reject federal abstinence-only funds.

Iowa Reconsidering Abstinence-Only Funding

Lynda Waddington

At a state policy briefing on Thursday morning, Iowa legislators were asked to end federally funded abstinence-only sex education in the state. The move would make Iowa the seventeenth state to reject Title V abstinence-only funding.

Planned Parenthood to Iowans: $1 Now or $4 Later?

Lynda Waddington

Iowa has roughly 100,000 low-income women -- 12.3 percent of all women of childbearing age -- who need, but are not receiving, publicly assisted family planning services. The lack of access has been costly to Iowa, a state where half of all pregnancies are unintended.

Zero Percent Reporting in Arkansas for Clinton?

Lynda Waddington

Chris Matthews on MSNBC just moments ago: "The polls have just closed in the state of Arkansas... and we're predicting Hillary Clinton to be the winner there."

At the end of his words, a pretty graphic flipped and spun into the middle of the screen showing an outline of the state and photo of Clinton with a checkmark at her side. In smaller text at the bottom "0%" -- as in, zero precincts reporting.

MSNBC is projecting Hillary Clinton to be the winner in Arkansas before a single vote has been counted and reported. Hasn't the media learned anything since Florida in 2000? I guess, at least this time, the network doesn't have to worry about a competitive network making the opposite call for a Republican.

Huckabee Wins WV, Team Romney Ignores

Lynda Waddington

The presidential campaign for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney must be stinging a bit on the news that former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee carried West Virginia today, but you wouldn't know it from the latest supporter email.

Just a few moments ago, the Romney campaign sent out an email message to supporters highlighting the differences between its candidate and Arizona Sen. John McCain. While McCain, who has been downing the poli-vitamins sans water since his Straight Talk Express was nearly pronounced dead-on-arrival in Iowa last summer, is arguably the Republican frontrunner and deserving of Team Romney's scrutiny in these final hours, the email is notably silent when it comes to Huck. He's not mentioned.

The loss of all of West Virginia's 18 Republican delegates has to hit the Romney Campaign hard as it struggles to sustain viability - especially since the candidate himself addressed the convention. Those on the ground in West Virginia are reporting that McCain supporters, following a miserable first-round showing, threw their support to Huckabee in an effort to deny Romney the delegates.

Here in Iowa, a national loss by Romney, the Republican candidate who tossed millions of campaign dollars and untold hours of time into the state, to McCain, a candidate who largely ignored Iowa, doesn't bode well. The same holds true on the Democratic side of the coin if New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is named the Democratic nominee. The conventional wisdom is neither Clinton nor McCain would be strong supporters of Iowa's traditional role as first-in-the-nation.

Oh No, Not Again

Lynda Waddington

Oh, no! Not again.

It's been a month since the Iowa caucus and I was foolish enough to believe I was over the hump - that the curse had been broken. It should have been. Yet, this morning while waking up to the Good Morning America crew, it all came flooding back.

The camera panned the crowd at Times Square. I realized a moment too late that the sign warriors were out in force. Even knowing what was coming, my feet refused to move away from the screen.

Iowan Gives Thanks for Daughter — and for Choice

Lynda Waddington

While millions of Americans are either celebrating or grieving the 35th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark Roe v. Wade decision today, 25-year-old Katie Wilkins credits the law for the 5-year-old girl playing outside her kitchen window.

Iowa Launches Family Planning Initiative

Lynda Waddington

Former Iowa First Lady Christie Vilsack was shocked to learn that half of the state's pregnancies are unplanned. In response, she launched the Iowa Initiative to Reduce Unintended Pregnancies, a program focused on helping women between the ages of 18 and 30 receive family planning information.

2008 Campaign Shortchanging Women (And You)

Lynda Waddington

For this to be the political year of the woman, candidates are going to have to become serious about courting women by speaking in detail about their core issues of concern. But as any good campaign strategist will tell you, details do not a good sound bite make.

The Iowa Caucus Is Tonight And…

Lynda Waddington

It's the final countdown. Attacks on Mitt Romney are coming all the way from Massachusetts, twelve more antiwar protesters were arrested, some Iowans are still extremely fickle, and the rest of the nation has never gotten campaign promises like these!

One Day Before Caucus Night and…

Lynda Waddington

Tomorrow is caucus day and Iowans are flashing back to 2004 when Dennis Kucinich threw his support behind Edwards just before caucus day helping to propel Edwards to a second place finish. This year, however, Kucinich is supporting Obama.

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