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Anna Forbes

A Washington, D.C.-based writer, policy analyst, organizer, and women’s health activist, Anna Forbes has worked in HIV/AIDS continuously since 1985. Now an independent consultant with an international client list, her work centers around women, HIV, health, and rights. Her sub-speciality is advocacy for greater and more meaningful inclusion of sex workers in HIV/AIDS services planning and policy generally, and in prevention specifically. She has published widely on women’s health and HIV/AIDS in both the popular and academic press and is the author of eight children’s books on HIV/AIDS. She is an independent consultant and staff to the U.S. Women and PrEP Working Group.

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Analysis Sexual Health

Depo-Provera Linked to HIV Risk? Women Need to Know

Anna Forbes

A recent review of evidence on hormonal contraceptives and the risk of HIV acquisition motivated the World Health Organization to change its safety rating of progestogen-only injectables. It remains to be seen what that change will mean, if anything, for conversations between family planning providers and patients.

Anna Forbes
Anna Forbes

Commentary Contraception

Want To Help Make History Demanding Female Condoms?

Have you ever been part of an attempt to set a new record in the Guinness Book of World Records?  Want to help break an existing world record while also helping to increase access to HIV prevention tools?  If so, YOUR MESSAGE can be featured in what we hope will become the world’s longest chain of paper dolls. It will be on display as at the International AIDS Conference in Washington DC this July.

Analysis Human Rights

From Tuskegee to Transparency: An Evolution in the Ethics and Accountability of Clinical Trials Involving Human Subjects

Kate Ryan & Anna Forbes

People who participate in clinical trials take the enormous step of volunteering to test a product that may be useful and, sometimes, life-saving if it turns out to be effective. They play an irreplaceable role in research to prevent, treat, and sometimes cure illness – as well as to find other ways to improve people’s health and lives.

A Pill to Prevent HIV? What the New iPrEx Results Mean for Women

Anna Forbes

Proof that PrEP works – that there is, literally, a pill can help to prevent HIV -- is an extraordinary breakthrough, as was the news received last summer that an effective vaginal microbicide had been identified.  But what does a study focused on people engaging in rectal-penile sex have to do with women and their reproductive health?  There are many ways to answer that question -- some of them cause for celebration and some reasons for real concern.