Cheap Tests Just As Good

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Cheap Tests Just As Good

Elisabeth Garber-Paul

Cheap pregnancy tests in Britain have been proven to be as accurate as more expensive versions.

These are tough times, and people are looking to save a few
dollars wherever they can. Around New York, I’ve noticed that even my
gastro-snob friends are keeping their designer wallets shut. Why go out to
dinner when you can stay in for a tasty meal of rice and beans? Who needs happy
hour when you can be just as happy brown-bagging a pint on your stoop?

And in England, women have embraced a new way to cut costs.
According to an article in The Sun, discount pregnancy tests are gaining a
better reputation as women look to lower expenses.

“Cut-price baby test kits hit the headlines this week after
one costing just 99p went on sale at a bargain store in Crawley, West Sussex.”
When the tests first hit the market, many women were afraid that they would not
be as reliable as their brand-name counterparts, usually retailing for around

“But a nationwide probe by
medical products watchdog the MHRA has proved that the bargain pregnancy tests
are accurate.

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While investigators found
slight flaws with the labels on some of the cheaper products, the actual
testing devices were fine.”

The Family Planning Association
is promoting the bargain tests as well, because their affordability might
encourage women to find out if they are pregnant, sooner.


“FPA spokesman Adam Stevens
said: "These cheaper kits are a good idea and they can help many women to
find out that they are pregnant early on.”

This all seems well and good
for the Brits, and if a 75¢ pregnancy test his stores here—I still might be