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Boom! Lawyered.

Imani Gandy
Imani Gandy

Boom! Lawyered: ‘Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins’ Edition

The Supreme Court decided this week to consider whether it will permit workplace discrimination against LGBTQ people. In doing so, the justices will have to wrestle with Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins, the landmark 1989 case about gender stereotyping in the workplace.

Imani Gandy
Imani Gandy

Boom! Lawyered: Stop-and-Frisk Edition

Since discussions of stop-and-frisk are back in the news because Donald Trump insists that the practice is going to save cities like Chicago, we thought we'd give you the answers to some practical questions.

Photo of protesters holding signs to Free Britney

Britney Spears' forced IUD is part of this country's long history with forced sterilization of people with disabilities.

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