Elie Mystal on Why You Don’t Need to Like SCOTUS Anymore

The Supreme Court has become just transactional.

Boom! Lawyered podcast
"I don't think 'just win elections' is a great answer, but 'just win elections when we are five months from the election' is the thing we should be focusing on now," Elie Mystal says. Rewire News Group illustration

With Jess out, Elie Mystal, friend of the pod and justice correspondent at the Nation, joins Imani on a supersized episode of the pod this week!

They chat about all your favorite and not-so-favorite Supreme Court justices: Samuel Alito’s long hatred for women, how much Amy Coney Barrett hates abortion, and why it’s not even worth talking about the recent calls for Sonia Sotomayor to retire.


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