This Is the Big Trans Rights Case That SCOTUS Could Hear Next Year

Will the justices hear the first major test of trans rights since 2019?

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"It can't be that your parental rights depend on whether your children are cis or trans," Jess says on the podcast. Rewire News Group illustration

You’ll likely be hearing a lot more about L.W. v. Skrmetti, a trans rights case that the ACLU has requested the Supreme Court takes up.

Jess and Imani get into the nuts and bolts of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals decision that allowed Tennessee’s gender-affirming ban targeting trans kids to take effect, breaking previous federal court consensus that these bans are unconstitutional. Led by Judge Jeffrey Sutton, a George W. Bush appointee, it was the first decision to let a gender-affirming ban take effect, which has led to a domino effect on other similar bans in the country.


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