This Case Could End Teens’ Birth Control Access

Will Trump Judge Matty K strike again?

Image of birth control pills over an outline of Texas with Boom! Lawyered at the top and two women, one Black and one white, in front
The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments in Deanda v. Becerra on November 6. Rewire News Group illustration

The constitutional right to privacy being stripped away, conservatives’ attacks on birth control, and Jess and Imani’s ol’ pal U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk. What do these things all have in common?

The case Deanda v. Becerra—about whether teens can get birth control from federally funded health centers without their parents’ consent. Kacsmaryk, a Trump judge, has ruled that teens can’t despite Title X regulations saying they can.

Jess and Imani get into why the case is such a big deal, what might happen if the case reaches the Supreme Court, and more.


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