The Supreme Court Ghosts Roe v. Wade

Who needs hearings and explanations when the Supreme Court can ban abortion on the shadow docket?

Photo of protesters holding a sign that reads TX Deserves Better
Earlier this year, Texans protested the unconstitutional abortion ban that SCOTUS just casually let take effect. Sergio Flores/Getty Images

The Supreme Court just let a blatantly unconstitutional abortion ban take effect in Texas. They made this unprecedented and radical move on the “shadow docket,” which is a fancy way of saying they avoided any hearings or scrutiny of any kind. They haven’t even had to explain their reasoning. 

Now, maybe they will eventually fix this. But maybe they won’t. At best, this is a major warning shot at Roe v. Wade. At worst, it’s a complete dismantlement of 50 years of abortion rights precedent via casual inaction. Either way, you can bet more bans like this are coming to a state near you. To make as much sense of the chaos as possible, Jessica Mason Pieklo and Imani Gandy hop on the mics for an emergency episode of Boom! Lawyered.

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