Reality Cast

Will the Planned Parenthood Attack Backfire on Antis?

On this episode of Reality Cast, host Amanda Marcotte analyzes the Planned Parenthood attack videos, which she thinks may, in the long run, end up hurting anti-choicers more than helping them. Also, ThinkProgress reporter Erica Hellerstein is on the show and talks about how abstinence-only didn’t go away but just got rebranded.

Debunking the Planned Parenthood Video Hoax

On this episode of Reality Cast, host Amanda Marcotte digs into the furor over the hoax video accusing Planned Parenthood of selling fetal tissue, and is joined by Hannah Groch-Begley of Media Matters, who analyzes how that video lied.

The Road to Majority Conference, and New York’s ‘Enough Is Enough’ Bill

On this episode of Reality Cast, host Amanda Marcotte covers the Road to Majority Conference held by the Faith & Freedom Coalition and some recent victories in the war on sexual abuse. Also, Rewire Senior Legal Analyst Jessica Mason Pieklo helps us sort out some recent reproductive rights court decisions.

Reproductive Rights Advocates Suffer Setbacks

On this episode of Reality Cast, Shoshannah Sayers of NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina explains what’s going on in her state. Also, Texas gets closer to all but banning abortion, and Jeb Bush gets in trouble for his hateful comments from 20 years ago.

Duggar Drama Continues, Wisconsin’s Abortion Battle

On this episode of Reality Cast, Eve Andrews, culture editor at Grist, describes some promising efforts to help teens get better birth control in Washington state. Also, the Duggar family drama continues, and the battle over abortion in Wisconsin gets weirder by the minute.

The Josh Duggar Scandal, Barriers to Birth Control Access in Texas

On this episode of Reality Cast, Joseph Potter, faculty research associate for the Population Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin, discusses obstacles between women and birth control. Also, host Amanda Marcotte discusses the Duggar sex abuse scandal, and anti-choice politicians are getting nuttier and more radical.

Hypocrisy in Missouri, Pro-Choice Themes in ‘Mad Men’

On this episode, host Amanda Marcotte interviews Brown University's Kate Carey about her study of college sexual assault. Also, Marcotte has a segment honoring Mad Men’s long reign as an adamantly pro-choice show, and she discusses how a scandal involving Missouri Rep. John Diehl reveals anti-choice hypocrisy.

Federal and State-Level Assaults on Abortion Rights

On this episode of Reality Cast, Kathryn Joyce explains the fight over Marshallese adoptions in Arkansas. Also, host Amanda Marcotte discusses a proposed federal ban on abortions after 20 weeks and state-level assaults on reproductive rights.