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Priscilla Kari Coleman is a professor of human development and family studies at Bowling Green State University. She founded and directs the World Expert Consortium for Abortion Research and Education (WECARE). Though her academic work has been roundly discredited, states continue to pay Coleman to appear as an “expert” witness in trials and hearings related to reproductive rights.

Coleman received her BA in psychology from Southern Connecticut State University in 1986, her MA in general psychology from James Madison University in 1992, and her PhD in life-span developmental psychology from West Virginia University in 1998.

Coleman claims that abortion causes mental illness and drug abuse, however an extensive literature review by the American Psychological Association found no evidence for this claim. There is evidence, however, that stigma and need for secrecy surrounding abortion can have a negative impact on a woman’s mental health.

Coleman has served as an expert witness in several critical abortion-related legal cases, and she has testified in defense of anti-choice policies before Congress and state legislatures, the United Nations, and before advocacy groups.

In addition, Arizona HB 2036— a law that contains a 20-week abortion ban—cites her work. Her work also was cited in connection with a lawsuit challenging North Dakota HB 1456MKB Management Corp. v. Stenehjem (formerly MKB Management Corp. v. Burdick) in 2013.

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