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Missouri Fetal Tissue Reporting Requirements Bill (HB 2371)

This law was last updated on Jun 28, 2016

This law is Anti–Choice




HB 2371


Failed to Pass


Jan 26, 2016


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Fetal Tissue, Human Embryo and Fetal Research, Reporting Requirements, Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers

Full Bill Text

HB 2371 would amend current state law to further regulate the handling of fetal tissue and impose inspections on abortion clinics.

Fetal Tissue Sales

Current law prohibits the procurement or inducement of an abortion or the conception of an “unborn child” for the purpose of obtaining fetal organs or tissue and prohibits the sale of fetal organs or tissue.

This bill would make it a class C felony to violate this provision and allows the court to impose a fine in an amount not less than twice the amount of any valuable consideration received in violation of these provisions.

Fetal Tissue Reporting Requirements

Current law requires only a representative sample of tissue removed at the time of an abortion be sent to a pathologist. This bill would require all tissue removed at the time of an abortion to be sent to a pathologist and ensured as nonhazardous in compliance with the regulations of the Department of Natural Resources. The report would need to include:

  • If all fetal tissue was received that would be common for a specimen of such gestational age;
  • Detailed gross findings of what was received, including the percent blood cot and percent tissue; and
  • A gross diagnosis

Each fetal tissue specimen would be required to have a unique identification number to allow it to be tracked from the abortion facility or hospital where the abortion was performed to the pathology lab and its final disposition location.

The tissue report must document the date the specimen was collected, transported, received, and disposed, if applicable. The department would need to pair each notice of abortion with its corresponding pathology report. If the department does not receive both reports, it would be required to investigate and may perform unscheduled inspections on facilities failing to comply.

Clinic Inspections

This bill requires the department to inspect all ambulatory surgical centers operated for the purpose of performing or inducing abortions at least twice a year, once announced and once unannounced.

Inspection and investigation reports would need to be made available to the public.


Similar to HB 2329 and HB 2071.


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