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Missouri Bill Regarding Local Abortion Policies (SB 6)

This law was last updated on Oct 20, 2017

This law is Anti–Choice




SB 6


Failed to Pass


Jun 12, 2017


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Conscience and Refusal Clauses, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Insurance Coverage, Religious Freedom

Full Bill Text

SB 6 would preempt political subdivision authority regarding abortion in certain circumstances.

The bill would prohibit a political subdivision from enacting, adopting, maintaining, or enforcing any order, ordinance, rule, regulation, policy, or other similar measure that:

  • prohibits, restricts, limits, controls, directs, interferes with, or otherwise adversely affects an alternatives to abortion agency (crisis pregnancy center) or its staffs’ operations or speech;
  • has the purpose or effect of requiring a person to directly or indirectly participate in abortion if such participation is contrary to their religious beliefs or moral convictions;
  • requires a real estate broker, appraiser, property owner, or any other person to buy, sell, exchange, purchase, rent, lease, advertise for, or otherwise conduct real estate transactions for, to, or with an abortion facility or for, to, or with a person for the purpose of performing or inducing an abortion not necessary to save the life of the pregnant individual if such requirement is contrary to their religious beliefs or moral convictions; and
  • requires an employer, employee, health-care provider, health-plan provider, health-plan sponsor, or any other person to provide coverage for or to participate in a health plan that includes benefits that are not otherwise required by state law.

The bill states the following:

[…]the General Assembly acknowledges the rights of alternatives to abortion agencies to operate freely and engage in speech without government interference, as well as the right of a person not to be compelled by the government to participate in abortion, and that the constitution and laws of the United States and Missouri shall be interpreted, construed, applied, and enforced to fully protect these rights.

The bill provides that a court may order injunctive relief with specified damages for any violations. The Attorney General may also bring a cause of action to defend the rights guaranteed under this act.

CPCs have come under increased scrutiny over the last several years, as investigations have revealed that centers across the country have provided inaccurate information and neglected to follow proper medical protocols. (Source.)

Related Legislation

Companion to HB 9.

Similar to the local abortion policies provision found in SB 1.


This bill was introduced during the 2017 special session.


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