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Missouri Abortion Clinic Inspection Law 2015 (HB 190)

This law was last updated on Jan 5, 2015




HB 190


Failed to Pass


Dec 9, 2014


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Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers

Full Bill Text

HB 190 would modify provisions relating to inspection of abortion facilities to require that the Department of Health and Senior Services do an annual on-site inspection and investigation of any ambulatory surgical center operated for the purpose of performing or inducing any second or third trimester abortions or five or more first trimester abortions per month. The department would be required to make its inspection and investigation reports available to the public with redactions of information not subject to disclosure under the law.

According to Planned Parenthood Advocates in Missouri:

Current law instructs the Department of Health and Senior Services to inspect health facilities as necessary. These bills single out abortion providers by mandating annual inspections only for those providers. Planned Parenthood works every day to make sure women receive the high quality health care they need, including abortion, in a safe, respectful environment. Planned Parenthood constantly evaluates new research in the field, new recommendations from medical associations, new technologies, and feedback from patients, experts, and regulators to continue improving their practices.

Abortions are very safe. According to the Center for Disease Control, abortion has a more than 99% safety record.


Passed the House on February 24, 2015 but ultimately died.

Companion bill to SB 33HB 427, which is also under consideration in 2015, contains the same language.

Identical to SB 770 which failed to pass in 2014.


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