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Indiana Professional Licensing Matters Law (HB 1562)

This law was last updated on Nov 1, 2017

This law is Anti–Choice




HB 1562




Jan 20, 2015


Primary Sponsors: 4
Co-sponsors: 2
Total Sponsors: 6


Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers

Full Bill Text

HB 1562 amends current law regarding professional licenses or certificates in the state of Indiana.

The law requires an individual who holds a professional license or certificate and who is convicted of a misdemeanor or felony to provide written notice of the conviction to the appropriate professional licensing board not later than 90 days after entry of the order or judgment of conviction.

The law allows a professional licensing agency to delay issuing a license renewal for up to 120 days for purposes of investigation.

The law goes on to amend various statutes of professional licensing laws as they relate to specific industries.


The law adds the failure to complete or timely transmit a pregnancy termination form to the list of violations subject to a civil penalty in the physicians licensing law. Each failure would constitute a separate violation.

Such a violation would result in a civil penalty of up to $1,000 against the physician.


Passed the house on February 24, 2015, by a 95-0 vote.

Passed the senate on April 13, 2015, by a 40-10 vote.

Signed by Gov. Mike Pence on May 5, 2015.