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Colorado Bill Regarding Human Sexuality Education (HB 1081)

This law was last updated on Dec 16, 2014

This law is Pro–Choice




HB 1081




Jan 16, 2013


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Sex Ed and Abstinence Only

Full Bill Text

HB 1081 provides that “Colorado youth have a right to receive medically and scientifically accurate information to empower them to make informed decisions that promote their individual physical and mental health.”

This bill changes the laws regarding instruction in human sexuality and sexually transmitted diseases in public or charter schools. This bill requires that course material on human sexuality and sexually transmitted diseases be based on peer-reviewed projects that encourage healthy behavior and are age appropriate and culturally sensitive. The emphasis on abstinence and emotional trauma associated with adolescent activity resulting in dropping out of school, sexually transmitted disease, and unwanted pregnancy is replaced with materials that encourage healthy behaviors. The bill replaces the emphasis on the side effects of contraceptives to include the health benefits as well, and repeals the ban that prevented abortion providers from presenting sexuality education and sexually transmitted disease materials and information to students.

The bill permits parents to excuse their children from the course with a written statement.


Signed into law by Gov. Hickenlooper on May 28, 2013.


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